I. Ignaz

Ignaz, a German composer, born at Ruppelsthal, near Vienna, in 1757, died in Paris, Nov. 14,1831. He was a pupil of Haydn, visited Italy, and in 1789 was appointed chapel-master in the cathedral of Strasburg, but lost this post during the revolution. A few years later, having removed to Paris, he became a publisher of music, and afterward established a pianoforte manufactory. He wrote trios, quartets, and sonatas for the piano, which had remarkable success.

II. Joseph Etienne Camille

Joseph Etienne Camille, a composer, son of the preceding, born in Strasburg in 1792, died in Paris, May 4, 1855. He succeeded his father in the direction of the piano manufactory, and invented several improvements in the construction of pianos. The pianist Kalkbrenner was his partner. He was an excellent pianist, and composed numerous quartets, trios, and sonatas.

III. Marie Felicite

Marie Felicite, a pianist, wife of the preceding, born in Paris in 1811, died near Brussels, March 30, 1875. She was of Belgian origin, sister of Prof. Moke of Ghent, and was separated from her husband a few years after their marriage. She completed her studies under Kalkbrenner, became one of the most accomplished performers of her day, and in 1848 was appointed professor at the conservatory of music in Brussels. She reappeared in concert only once, in 1874.