Publins Servilius Casca, one of the conspirators against the life of Julius Caesar. He had been attached to the Pompeian party, and, like many others of the dictator's slavers, submitted him-self to Cassar after the battle of Pharsalia, and received a free pardon. It is stated by Plutarch, in his life of Csesar, that when Tullius Cimber, according to the preconcerted plan, gave the signal for the assassination by dropping the fold of his toga from his shoulder, Casca struck the dictator on the back of the neck with a short sword, or dagger, but failed to inflict either a deep or deadly wound, being under the influence of agitation, if not of fear, when delivering the blow. Csesar on feeling the stroke turned round, it is said, abruptly, and caught the assassin by the arm, crying out, in Latin, "What dost thou, villain Casca?" when Casca calling to his brother in Greek, "Help, brother!" the others rallied to his assistance, and completed the bloody deed. Nothing is known of Casca's history after the death of Caesar.