Revel, Or Reval, a town of Russia, capital of the government of Esthonia, situated on the bay of Revel on the S. side of the gulf of Finland, 200 m. W. S. W. of St. Petersburg; pop. in 1867, 27,325. The town consists of two parts, the older and larger of which stands upon a rocky eminence, and the other is built along the beach. Buildings deserving notice are the provincial assembly house of the nobles, and the imperial palace of Katharinenthal, founded by Peter the Great, with a beautiful park now open to the public. The town contains a gymnasium, a school of midwifery, several benevolent institutions and associations, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Greek churches, and public libraries. It is much resorted to as a watering place. A brisk export trade is carried on in corn, spirits, hemp, flax, timber, and other Baltic goods. Revel was founded by Walde-mar II. of Denmark about 1218, and was one of the most prosperous towns of the Hanseatic league. It subsequently fell under the sway of the knights sword-bearers of Livonia and under that of Sweden. Peter the Great obtained possession of it in 1710.