Rio Doce, a river of Brazil, rising at the base of Mt. Itacolumi, S. E. of the city of Ouro Preto, province of Minas Geraes. It flows N. 180 m., then bends first E., afterward S. E., then N. E., flowing through the province of Es-pirito Santo, finally curves abruptly to the S. E., and falls into the Atlantic near the town of Regencia. The mouth is wide and shallow, and traversed by a bar on which the waves break with great violence, so that the entrance to the river is always difficult, and often for weeks together impossible. As far up as Porto de Souza the river is navigable all the year round by small steamers; but at that point begin the rapids which render navigation impossible save for canoes, and even these must in some parts be unloaded before hauling them over the rapids. The banks of the Doce are for the most part high and steep, bordered by mountains with a rich clothing of forest, in which abound trees furnishing many species of valuable wood. During the rainy season the Doce sometimes rises 20 feet above its ordinary level.