Rowland Gibson Hazard, an American manufacturer and author, born in South Kingston, R. I., Oct. 9, 1801. He has been engaged from his youth in mercantile and manufacturing pursuits, in which he has accumulated a large fortune. While in New Orleans in 1841-,2, with great effort, and under repeated threats of be-ing lynched, he obtained the release of large numbers of free negroes who belonged to ships from the north, and who had been placed in the chain gang, He was a member of the Rhode Island house of representatives in 1851-'2 and 1854-'5, and was a state senator in 18GG-'7. He has published an " Essay on Language" (1834); "Lectures on the Adaptation of the Universe to the Cultivation of the Mind " (1840); " Lecture on the Causes of the Decline of Political and National Morality" (1841); "Essay on the Philosophical Character of Channing" (1844); "Essays on the Relations of Railroad Corporations to the Public" (1849); "Essay on the Duty of Individuals to Support Science and Literature" (1855); "Es-says on the Resources of the United States" (1804); "Freedom of the Mind in Willing" (1804); "Essays on Finance and Hours of Labor" (1808); and "Causation and Freedom in Willing," two letters addressed to John Stuart Mill (1809).