Burrampoor, Or Burhanpur, a town of British India, presidency of Madras, in the Northern Circars, 10 m. S. W. of Ganjam; pop. estimated at 20,000. Situated a few miles from the W. shore of the bay of Bengal, in a cultivated plain shut in by lofty hills and abounding in perennial springs, it is a favorite resort for the government officials of Ganjam during the unhealthy months of the wet season. The weather from October to February is clear, cool, and healthy, the thermometer ranging from 50° to 75°. In April and May fevers and rheumatism prevail; in June the S. W. monsoon commences, and is succeeded by the N. E. in September. The soil of the vicinity of the town is dry and sandy. The streets resemble those of most Indian towns, being narrow, dirty, and lined with badly built mud houses. There are a few brick buildings, many Plindoo temples, and well stocked bazaars. Sugar and sugar candy are manufactured in large quantities, and silk and cotton are produced to some extent.