Calcasieu, a river of Louisiana, not navigable. It rises in Sabine parish, in the western part of the state, flows through Rapides and Calcasieu parishes, and after a southerly course of about 200 m. enters the gulf of Mexico. An expansion of the river near its mouth, about 18 m. long and 5 m. wide, is called Calcasieu lake.

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Calcasieu, a S. W. parish of Louisiana, bordering on Texas and the gulf of Mexico, having the Sabine river on the W., and the Mermenteau and Bayou Nepique on the E.; area about 5,000 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 6,733, of whom 1,457 were colored. intersected by Calcasieu river and watered by several of its branches. The soil in the vicinity of the streams is fertile, and the surface, which is level, is principally occupied by savannas, or grassy plains, affording pasturage to large numbers of cattle. The chief productions in 1870 were 39,950 bushels of Indian corn, 15,512 of sweet potatoes, 28 hhds. of sugar, 1,120 gallons of molasses, and 605 bales of cotton. There were 886 horses, 1,347 milch cows, 3,666 other cattle, 1,900 sheep, and 4,227 swine. Capital, Lake Charles Court House.