Canaletto, Or Canale, Antonio. I. An Italian painter, born in Venice, Oct. 18, 1697, died there, Aug. 20, 1768. His father was a scene painter, and educated him to the same profession. He resided for a time in Rome, about the year 1719, and there studied the remains of antiquity, and gained the reputation of an accomplished artist. On his return to Venice he painted numerous views of that city, reproducing with great accuracy its palaces, churches, and canals. The best of these was the view of the Grand canal, which is now in the gallery of the Louvre. He spent two years in England, and painted an interior view of King's chapel, Cambridge. His works are found in all the galleries of Europe. II. Nephew of the preceding, also known as Canaletto, but whose real name was Bernardo Belotto, born in Venice in 1724, died in Warsaw in 1780. He was a pupil of his uncle, whose style he successfully imitated, excelled in perspective, and for some years painted in Dresden, London, and other cities.