Candy, (audi, or Kandy (Cingalese, Mahar Nuwara, great city), a town of Ceylon, capital of a kingdom of the same name till 1815, when it came into possession of the British. It stands on the shore of an artificial lake, in an amphitheatre of beautifully wooded hills, near the centre of the island, 80 m. E. N. E. of Colombo, and 95 m. S. W. of Trincomalee; pop. about 8,000. The residence of the British governor here is the finest edifice in Ceylon; and besides this the town contains the residence of the major general, the king's palace, a Buddhist temple, several churches of various denominations, and a number of other notable buildings. In the centre of the lake is a military magazine, and just outside the town a royal cemetery, containing the remains of a long line of native kings and heroes. The lake of Candi, which was formed by the last king, and is 1,680 ft. above the sea, is a beautiful sheet of water, about 1 1/2 m. in length, and from 100 to 500 yards in breadth.