An E. county of Pennsylvania; area, about 400 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 28,144. It is a mountainous district, made up of parallel ridges running in a N. E. and S. W. direction. The largest of these is the Blue or Kit-tatinny mountain, which bounds the county on the S. E. Anthracite is the principal production of the county. The coal mines are in the smaller ridges N. W. of this. Of these, Mauch Chunk, at the eastern termination of the southern anthracite coal field, is the most important. At the top of Summit mountain the beds have been opened and worked like a quarry, the coal lying in a mass not less than 50 ft. thick. The Hazleton and Beaver Meadow mines are in the N. W. corner of the county. The coal is transported by railroads from the mines to the Lehigh river, and thence by slackwater navigation and canal, and also by the Lehigh Valley railroad, down the Lehigh to .the Delaware river at Eastern. The Lehigh river traverses the county across the line of its ridges; but the mines are only on its W. side, and from 6 to 10 m. or more distant. The yield of the mines in this county is about one sixth of the whole production of anthracite. The Lehigh Valley road, and branches to Mahanoy, Mount Carmel, Hazleton, and Audenried, traverse the county.

The chief productions in 1870 were 18,646 bushels of wheat, 18,286 of rye, 55,037 of Indian corn, 62,493 of oats, 12,301 of buckwheat, 47,496 of potatoes, and 6,909 tons of hay; there were 885 horses, 1,316 milch cows, 1,121 other cattle, 515 sheep, and 1,943 swine. Capital, Mauch Chunk. II. A central county of Wyoming territory, extending from Montana on the N. to Colorado on the S., intersected by the N. fork of the Platte river, and watered by the S. fork and by Powder and Tongue rivers; area, over 15,000 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,368. The S. part is occupied by Medicine Bow mountains, and the central portion contains Black and Wind River mountains. Copper and paint ore are found, and coal and iron in the S. part, which is crossed by the Union Pacific railroad. Capital, Rawling's Springs.