Chagres, a river of the United States of Colombia, rising in the mountains about 40 m. N. E. of Panama. It flows first W., then curves abruptly to the N. W., and falls into the Caribbean sea at the town of the same name, which it intersects. Its whole course is about 120 m., through a country of remarkable fertility; its principal tributary is the Trinidad, and there are one or two others of inconsiderable magnitude; and its depth from the junction of the Trinidad gradually increases from 16 to 30 ft., until it reaches the town of Chagres, a distance of less than 10 m. The swiftness of its current and a number of rapids impede navigation.

Chagres #1

Chagres, a seaport town of the United States of Colombia, in the state and on the isthmus of Panama, and at the mouth of the above described river, on the Caribbean sea, 12 m. S. W. of Aspinwall; lat. 9° 18' 30" N., lon. 79° 60' W. This place has rapidly fallen into decay since the opening of the Panama railway, the northern terminus of which is at Aspinwall. It is divided by the river into two parts. That on the left bank consists of a number of wooden houses irregularly huddled together, and, having formerly been almost exclusively inhabited by citizens of the United States, is generally denominated the American town; that on the right bank is an agglomeration of miserable huts, in the centre of which is a dilapidated church. The port is very safe and commodious, and defended by a stone fort upon a rock; but it has not more than about two fathoms of water, and the entrance is so narrow that it cannot be successfully approached without a fair wind.