Chandairi Chendaree, or Chnuderee, a town and district of Malwa, in the territory of Gwalior, Hindostan, situated near the frontier of Bundelcund, 115 m. S. of Gwalior, and 280 m. S. S. E. of Delhi. The town is large, surrounded by hills and jungles, with which a faw fertile tracts are interspersed. Its manufacturing importance, once considerable, has been destroyed by British importations, and its architectural beauty is in ruins; but even in its present decayed state it has many indications of ancient greatness. It has a strong fort, situated on a precipitous hill, connected with another hill by a narrow neck of land having a steep descent on each side. While Malwa remained an independent kingdom, Chendaree was the seat of powerful feudatory chieftains, one of whom, having revolted against the king, Mahmoud Khilji, was besieged in his capital for eight months. The town afterward became subject to the sovereign of Delhi, from whom it was taken by the Rajpoots about 152G. Two years later it was seized by the Mogul chief Baber. It was annexed to Bundelcund, was taken about 1816 by Sindia's general Baptiste, passed into the hands of the Mahrattas, and became a haunt of robbers and freebooters.

It was then taken under British protection, and finally in 1844 was assigned, with other lands, for the support of the force known as the Gwalior contingent. It was occupied by the sepoy rebels early in 1858. The first brigade of the central India field force was sent against it in March, and the fort was taken on the 17th. The fortifications were destroyed, but a month or two later the rebels again entered the town, to the number, it is supposed, of about 5,000, mostly from Bundelcund. They were driven out by Gen. Smith, May 25.