Charles Stuart Hoggs, an American naval officer, born at New Brunswick, N. J., Jan. 28, 1811. He is a nephew of James Lawrence, commander of the Chesapeake, who fell in the action with the Shannon. He entered the navy in 1826, and served on the Mediterranean station, in the West Indies, the gulf of Mexico, on the coast of Africa, and in the Pacific, becoming lieutenant in 1837. In 1855 he was promoted to the rank of commander, and assigned to the mail steamer Illinois, and in 1858 was appointed lighthouse inspector on the Pacific coast. When the civil war broke out he was placed in command of the gunboat Varuna, of Farragut's gulf squadron. In the attack upon the Confederate forts and squadron at the mouth of the Mississippi, April 24, 1862, the Varuna destroyed six of the enemy's gunboats, but was finally disabled, after driving her last antagonist ashore in flames. When Boggs found his vessel sinking, he tied her to trees on the bank, and fought the guns until the water was above the gun tracks. He was soon placed in command of the sloop of war Juniata, with the rank of captain.

He became commodore in 1866; in 1867--'8, commanded the steamer DeSoto, of the Atlantic squadron; in July, 1870, was commissioned rear admiral; and in 1871 commanded the European fleet.