Chiriqui, a province on the isthmus and in the state of Panama, United States of Colombia, bounded N. by the Caribbean sea, S. by the Pacific, E. by the province of Veragua, and W. by Costa Rica; area, 500 sq. m.; pop. about 18,000. It is unsurpassed in diversity of surface, fertility of soil, and luxuriance of vegetation; has an abundance of land fit for pasture or tillage, contains extensive beds of good coal, and has commodious harbors, both on the Caribbean sea and the Pacific. The coast is sickly, but many districts in the interior are healthy. Its resources have been but imperfectly developed. The chief town, David, on the Pacific coast, has a population of about 3,000. The isthmus here is 46 m. wide. Its principal river, the Chiriqui, empties into the lagoon of the same name, formed by the Caribbean sea. The lagoon is a spacious bay, extending about 90 m. along the coast, and from 40 to 50 m. inland. It has three entrances, the largest of which is 2 m. wide, with an average depth of about 100 ft.

It is separated from the Caribbean sea by the islands form-ing the archipelago of Chiriqui, 11 in number, the principal of which is Boca del Toro. There is a mountain called Chiriqui on the borders of Costa Rica, and a desert of the same name, peopled by about 5,000 savages.