Christian Gottlob Barth, a German divine and philanthropist, born in Stuttgart, July 31, 1799, died in Tubingen, Nov. 12, 1862. He was educated at Stuttgart and Tubingen, and in 1824 was appointed pastor at Mottlingen in Wiirtemberg. In conjunction with the missionary institute of Basel he instituted a missionary society in Wiirtemberg, and published a periodical, the Calwer Missionsblatt, devoted to the enterprise, He travelled in Switzerland, France, and England, in the interests of the missionary cause, and founded at Calw an institute for training poor children. His books have had an almost unexampled circulation. Of the "Bible History" and "Bible Stories" a million copies have been published in more than ten languages. He was a fluent versifier, writing hymns and short poems for children, many of which have been introduced into popular German collections. His principal works are: Biblische Geschichte fur Schulen und Fa-milien, often republished; Kirchengeschich-te fur Schulen und Familien (Calw, 1835); Christliche Gedichte (Stuttgart, 1836); and Kinderblatter (Calw, 1830).