Christoph August Tiedge, a German poet, born at Gardelegen, Prussia, Dec. 14, 1752, died in Dresden, March 8, 1841. He studied at Halle, and led a precarious life as a clerk in the civil service and as a private tutor and secretary till 1805, when he accompanied the countess Elisa von der Recke in her travels. Subsequently he resided with her at Dresden and Berlin; and at her death in 1833 she directed her establishment to be kept up for him without change. His most celebrated poem is Urania, on the immortality of the soul (Halle, 1801; 18th ed., Leipsic, 1862). He also published Elegien und vermischte Gedichte (Halle, 1803; 2d ed., 2 vols., 1814). His complete works are in 10 vols. (Leipsic, 1841). Falken-stein published Tiedge's Leben und poetischer Nachlass (4 vols., Leipsic, 1841), and Eberhard Blicke in Tiedge's und in Elisa's Leben (Berlin, 1844). The Tiedge charitable literary institute at Dresden, originally founded for local purposes, has since 1860 extended its operations all over Germany.