Ctesias, a Greek physician and historian, contemporary with Xenophon, born at Cnidus, in Caria, and supposed to have repaired to the Persian court about the year 416 B. C. He accompanied Artaxerxes II. on his expedition against his brother Cyrus, dressed his wounds after the battle of Cunaxa, and returned to Cnidus in 398. During his residence at the Persian court he formed the design of writing a history of Persia; and as physician to the great king, he was allowed access to the state archives. His work, entitledCtesias 0500291 in 23 books, opened with a history of the Assyrian monarchy, and brought down the history of Persia to the author's own time. It was often quoted by ancient writers. There are many important discrepancies between Ctesias and Herodotus; and recent researches show that on most of these points the former is untrustworthy. Only a few fragments of this work are extant. Of a second work, entitledCtesias 0500292 we have also a few fragments. Besides these he wrote several others which are entirely lost.