Darnel (folium te-mulentum, Linn.; called bearded darnel, in distinction from rye grass, which has been known as common darnel), a weed which has long infested the grain fields of Europe, and is now found in the United States, though still rare. The genus is distinguished chiefly by the inflorescence, being in close spikes, with the solitary spikelets placed edgewise along the rachis. This species has no tufts of leaves from the root, the glumes are as long as the spikelets or longer, and the latter contain five to seven florets, which are awned. Until recently it was noted as the only poisonous grass in existence; its seeds were universally considered powerfully narcotic, producing drowsiness, convulsions, paralysis, and even death, when ground up' with wheat or oats; and what seemed well attested cases of such poisoning have been cited by all the authorities. But it is now said that the latest investigations in Europe have proved the complete harmless-ness of darnel.

Darnel (Lollum temu lentum).

Darnel (Lollum temu-lentum).