Dieterici. I. Karl Friedrich Wilhelm, a German statistician, born in Berlin, Aug. 23, 1790, died there, July 29, 1859. He began his university studies in Konigsberg, devoting partic-ular attention to mathematics, and continued them in Berlin, where in 1812 he became tutor in the family of Klewitz, afterward minister of state. As engineer in the army of Blucher, he made the campaigns of 1813, 1814, and 1815; and in 1820 he was employed in the ministry of public instruction under Altenstein. In 1834 he was appointed professor of political science in the university of Berlin, and in 1844 succeeded Hoffmann in the direction of the statistical bureau. His writings relate mainly to subjects of political economy. The most important are, Uebersicht der wichtigsten Gegenstande des Verkehrs und Verbrauchs im preussischen Staate und im deutschen Zollver-bande (1838-'53), and Der Volkswohlstand im preussischen Staate. He left unfinished an important work, Handbuch der Statistik des preussischen Staats, which was completed by his son Karl in 1861. II. Friedrich, a German orientalist, son of the preceding, born in Berlin, July 6, 1821. He studied theology at Halle and Berlin, and oriental languages at Leipsic, and afterward in the East. In 1850 he became professor of Arabic literature in the university of Berlin, having been for some time dragoman of the Prussian embassy at Constantinople. He has published Reisebilder aus dem Morgenlande (1853), a translation of the Arabic grammar entitled Alfiyah (1854), Die propadeutischen Studien der Araber (1851), Ghrestomathie ottomane (1865), and other works.