Diprez. I. Gilbert Lonis, a French tenor singer, born in Paris, Dec. 6, 1806. He received his musical education at the conservatory, and was admitted to the singing school of Choron. In 1825 he was engaged at the Odeon, and married two years later Mile. Du-peron, a vocalist. After a successful tour through the principal cities of Europe, he obtained in 1837 an engagement at the Opera in Paris, and continued there till 1849, when he retired from the stage. He was a professor at the conservatory from 1842 to 1850. He produced some of his own compositions on the stage, but they failed. The principal ones are Joanita (1852), La lettre au bon Dieu, Jeanne d'Arc (1865), and an oratorio entitled Le juge-ment dernier (1868). He has also written a work entitled L'art du chant. II. Caroline Van den Henvel, a French soprano, daughter of the preceding, born in Florence in 1832. She was one of the principal singers at the Opera Comique from 1852 to 1856, when she married M. Van den Heuvel. She sang subsequently at the Theatre Lyrique, and became in 1860 a member of the Opera. She reappeared recently at the Opera Comique, but remained only for a short time, and retired from the stage.

III. Edouard, brother of Gilbert, was for some time a member of the troupe of the Opera Comique, and has written several librettos for his brother and the composer Verdi. Le bal masque, Rigoletto, and La traviata are among the best known of his writings.