Eginhard, Or Milliard, the secretary, confidential adviser, and biographer of Charlemagne, born in Austrasia, died at Seligenstadt about 844. He was a pupil of Alcuin, who introduced him at court. He retired after his patron's death to a country residence near Muhl-heim, in the Odenwald, where he devoted himself to literary pursuits. After the death of his wife, who according to a romantic tradition was a daughter of Charlemagne, he built a convent at Seligenstadt, in the present grand duchy of Hesse, and entered it as a monk. The sarcophagus in which he and his wife were buried is still shown at the castle of Erbach, and the counts of Erbach claim to be his lineal descendants. The Vita Caroli Magni, by Egin-hard, is one of the best biographical works of the middle ages. It has been republished by Ideler (Hamburg, 1839), and also in the second volume of Pertz's Monumenta Germanioe Historica. Eginhard's Annales Begum Fran-corum, and a collection of his letters, are likewise of value to the historian.