Felix Del Rey Calleja, conde de Calderon, a Spanish general, born in 1750, died about 1820. He commanded the royal forces in Mexico during the insurrection under Hidalgo, whose army he defeated in several engagements, and on Jan. 2, 1812, took possession of the fortress of Zitacuaro and massacred the inhabitants. Hidalgo, who was betrayed and shot, July 27,1811, was succeeded by the priest Morelos, who bravely defended Cuautla Amilpas against the attack of Calleja till May 2, 1812, when famine forced him to surrender. Calleja again signalized his victory by acts of barbarism, and was rewarded for his zeal, March 4,1813, by the appointment of viceroy. Morelos fell into his hands and was shot, Dec. 22, 1815. Subsequently he promulgated an amnesty, but as he was unable to restore peace to the country, he was recalled, Sept. 20,1816. On his return to Spain he was created conde de Calderon, and in January, 1820, while preparing to sail from Cadiz against the revolutionists of Paraguay, his troops mutinied, and he was for a time imprisoned by them in the fortress of the Isla de Leon.