Gcorg Cancrin, count, a Russian statesman, born at Hanau in Germany, Dec. 8, 1774, died in St. Petersburg, Sept. 22, 1845. He was educated in Germany, and while at Gottingen published a treatise on mining interests. He was employed in the Russian civil service in the department of the interior, and while there published a pamphlet upon the commissariat, at that time notorious for disorder and malversation. This led to his transfer in 1796 to the commissariat of the war department. In 1811 he was appointed a councillor of state, and at the beginning of the war of 1812 he became commissary general of the western army, and in 1813 of the whole Russian forces, partici-pated in the campaigns of 1813-'14, and accompanied the emperor Alexander to Paris. Some question, as to Cancrin's integrity in negotiations with the French government in 1815 led to his resignation as commissary, but he remained in the service. During this period he wrote Weltreichthum, Nationalreichthum und Staatswirthschqft, a treatise on political economy (St. Petersburg. 1821), and Ueber die Hili-taroTconomie im Frieden und Kriege (3 vols. 8vo, 1822-'3). He was minister of finance from 1823 until his death.

He farmed out the monopoly of the sale of salt and liquors, with profit to the government, and promoted industry by a stringent protective tariff".