George N. Hollins, an American naval officer, born in Baltimore, Sept. 20, 1799. He entered the navy as midshipman in 1814, and was on board the President, Commodore Decatur, when she was captured by the British, and remained a prisoner of war at Bermuda until the peace. He next served under Decatur against the Algerines. At the close of the war ho took command of an East India merchantman, and became lieutenant in the navy in 1825, and commander in 1841. He bombarded and destroyed the town of San Juan de Nicaragua in 1854. After commanding the navy yard at Sackett's Harbor for a short time, he was ordered to join the Mediterranean squadron. In 1855 he was promoted to captain. Returning to the United States in 1861, he resigned his commission; but the department refused to accept the resignation, struck his name from the rolls, and ordered his arrest. He escaped to the south, entered the confederate navy, received a commission as commodore, and on Oct, 11 attacked the federal blockading squadron at the passes of the Mississippi, doing slight damage, but claiming an important victory, and was therefore appointed flag captain of the New Orleans station.

Before Farragut's attack on that city in April, 1862, he was superseded by Commodore "Whittle.