Isaak August Dorner, a German theologian, born near Tuttlingen, Wurtemberg, June 20, 1809. He is the son of a Lutheran clergyman, studied at Tubingen, and became a professor there in 1838. He removed in the following year to the university of Kiel, which he left very soon on his appointment as professor of divinity and councillor of the consistory at Konigsberg. In 1847 he accepted a chair at Bonn, which he held till 1833, when he removed to Gottingen; and since 1862 he has been professor of systematic theology and exegesis at the university of Berlin. As a theological writer he is best known by his Entwickelungsgeschichte der Lehre von der Person Ghristi (Stuttgart, 1839; English translation by Dr. W. Simon, Edinburgh, 1859); and for his contributions to Herzog's Encyclopadie fur protestantische Theologie, and to the Jahrbucher far deutsche Theologie, of which he is joint editor with Liebner and Ehrenfeuchter. Among his recent publications are Geschichte der protestantischen Theolo-gie (Leipsic, 1867; translated into English, Edinburgh, 1871), and Ueber die einheiiliche Textgestaltung, beziehungsweise Verbesserung der lutherischen Uebersetzung des Neuen Testaments (Stuttgart, 1868).