Isaiah Thomas, an American printer, born in Boston in 1749, died in Worcester, April 4, 1831. He commenced business as a printer in Newburyport in 1767. In 1770 he removed to Boston and established the " Massachusetts Spy," in which he attacked with great boldness the oppressive measures of the British government toward the colonies; and Gov. Hutchinson vainly endeavored to procure his indictment. In 1775 he took an active part in the skirmish at Lexington, and on May 3 commenced issuing his paper from "Worcester. In 1788 he opened a bookstore in Boston, and soon after established branches of his business in various parts of the United States, while continuing to reside in Worcester. In 1791 he printed an edition of the Bible in folio, and subsequently issued numerous editions of smaller size. For many years most of the school books of the country were printed and published by him. In 1810 he published his "History of Printing in America" (2 vols. 8vo). The American antiquarian society of Worcester was founded through his efforts in 1812, and liberally endowed by him.