Jacques Paul Migne, a French editor, born at Saint-Flour, Cantal, in 1800. He was ordained priest in 1824, and in 1833 founded in Paris the journal L'Univers religieux. This he sold in 1836, and conceived the design of publishing a collection in 2,000 volumes of the best ecclesiastical authors ancient and modern, at low prices, and to be called Bibliotheque du clerge. From 1840 to 1845 he issued simultaneously, in 28 volumes each, the Scriptures, Sacrce Cursus Completus and the Theologian Oursus Completus. He next founded at Petit Mont-rouge an immense establishment uniting all the branches connected with printing, and employing hundreds of workmen, besides a large staff of clergymen as assistant editors. From this were issued complete collections of the Latin and Greek church fathers, the mediaeval writers, modern controversialists, and pulpit orators. He also published Encyclopedic, theo-logique (171 vols. 8vo, 1844-'66), comprising three series of dictionaries on subjects connected with religion. Archbishop de Quelen of Paris, deeming such an undertaking a mere I commercial speculation, forbade the abbe Migne to continue it, and as he did not comply withdrew his sacerdotal faculties.

Migne had also founded the daily independent journal La Ve-rite, which ceased in 1856, and reappeared as a weekly ecclesiastical record in 1861. In 1868 his immense establishment was burned.