Jean Baptiste Louis Gros, baron, a French diplomatist, born at Ivry-sur-Seine, Feb. 8, 1793. He entered the diplomatic service in 1823, was made a baron in 1829, and became secretary of legation in Mexico, and in 1834 charge d'affaires at Bogota. Afterward employed in various missions in South America, he distinguished himself by his tact in the settlement of the complications with the La Plata states. In 1849 he went to London to reconcile the English cabinet with the French expedition to Rome. The delicate question in respect to the Franco-Spanish boundary, which had been in abeyance for several centuries, was satisfactorily settled by him, after protracted negotiations at the convention of Bayonne, • Dec. 2, 1856. In 1857 he was appointed ambassador extraordinary to China, where he cooperated with Lord Elgin during the capture of Canton and in the government of that city. He signed a treaty of peace with China at Tientsin in June, 1858, and on Nov. 6 a treaty of commerce and amity with Japan. He participated in the final operations of the French and English expedition on the Pei-ho against China in August, 1860, and in the conclusion of another treaty of peace (Oct. 25). In November, 1862, he became ambassador in London, but retired from the service in October, 1863.