Jean Pierre Gnillanme Pauthier, a French sinologue, born in Besancon, Oct. 4,1801. His principal works are: Description Mstorique et geographique de la Chine (2 vols., Paris, 1837-'53); Quatre livres de philosophie morale et politique des Chinois (1841; 4th ed., 1852); Les livres sacres de toutes les religions, sauf la Bible (2 vols. 8vo, 1858); L'Inscription syro-chinoise de Si-ngan-fou (8vo, 1858), the Chinese text with figured pronunciation, a Latin literal version, and a French translation of the inscription and the Chinese commentaries; an edition of Marco Polo's travels as dictated by himself in French, from three inedited manuscripts in the national library, with notes and a commentary from Chinese sources (2 vols, large 8vo, 1865); and Dictionnaire etymolo-gique chinois-annamite-latin-frangais (in 12 numbers, of which the first appeared in 1867). He has translated Byron's "Childe Harold," and published several volumes of poetry, and in 1863 a work on the Ionian islands during the French occupation and the English protectorate.

Pauthier's works are much esteemed, and some have had several editions.