Jnles Angnste Armand Marie Polignac, prince de, a French statesman, born in Versailles, May 14, 1780, died in Paris, March 2, 1847^ He was a son of the duchess de Polignac, the favorite of Marie Antoinette. In 1804 he and his brother Armand (1771-1847) were imprisoned as conspirators against Napoleon. Having escaped shortly before the fall of the empire, he was under Louis XVIII. for some time minister in Rome, and the pope made him a Roman prince in 1820. He was ambassador in London from 1823 to 1829, when he became minister of foreign affairs, and replaced Mar-tignac as president of the council. Notwithstanding the military glory acquired under his administration by the conquest of Algiers, his unpopularity and ultra-royalism proved fatal to Charles X. In the revolution of July, 1830, incited by the arbitrary ordinances which he had signed, he barely escaped being mobbed. He was arrested while fleeing in disguise, tried by the court of peers, and sentenced to imprisonment for life. He was detained at Ham till the amnesty of 1836, when he retired to London. - Prince Camille Armand Jules Marie (born Feb. 6,1832), a relative of the preceding, served in the confederate army during the American civil war, and in 1870-'71 in the Franco-German war.

Subsequently he was engaged in journalism.