Jnan Diaz De Solis, a Spanish navigator, born in the latter half of the 15th century, killed in South America in 1516. In conjunction with Yanez Pinzon, he discovered Yucatan in 1506. In 1508 they unitedly explored the coast of South America from Cape St. Augustine to lat. 40° S., and took possession of the continent for Spain. Having quarrelled, they returned to Spain in 1509; a lawsuit followed, and So-lis was beaten and imprisoned, and Pinzon received important grants in the island of San Juan. Afterward Solis was released, was paid 34,000 maravedis indemnity, and on the death of Amerigo Vespucci became pilot major. In 1515, with three ships, he explored the coast from Cape San Roque to Rio de Janeiro, entered the estuary of La Plata, which he called the Mar Dulce, and ascended the river. He was kindly received by the Indians, but afterward ambuscaded, killed, and eaten. According to some authorities, he discovered the Plata in 1512, and made a second voyage to it.