Jnlien Joseph Virey, a French physician, born at Hortes, Champagne, in November, 1775, died in Paris, March 29, 1846. He was educated at Langres, and studied in the hospital of Val de Grace at Paris, of which he became chief pharmaceutist in 1812, but resigned soon after, and two years later received the diploma of doctor of medicine from the faculty of Paris. He was a member of the superior council of health, and from 1831 to 1838 held a seat in the chamber of deputies. He edited the Journal de pharmacie, and wrote the majority of the general articles in the Dictionnaire des sciences naturelles of Déterville and the Dictionnaire des sciences médicates of Panckoucke. Among his works are: Histoire naturelle du genre humain (3 vols., 1801); Histoire naturelle de la femme (last ed., 1825); Art de perfectionner l'homme (2 vols., 1808); De la physiologie dans ses rapports avec la philosophie (1814); Histoire des medicaments, des aliments et des poisons (1820); and Philosophie de l'histoire naturelle (1835).