Johann Ludwig Heiberg, a Danish author, born in Copenhagen, Dec. 14, 1791, died there, Aug. 25, 1860. He entered the university in his native city in 1809 to study medicine, but in 1814 gave that up and devoted himself to dramatic literature. When 23 years old, he brought out a version of the story of Don Juan, and a play entitled "The Potter" (1814). He now familiarized himself with the Spanish drama, making a journey into Spain for that purpose, and then went to Paris, where he remained three years. On his return to Denmark in 1822, he was appointed professor at the university of Kiel. In 1824 he went to Berlin, and studied the system of Hegel and his followers, returning home in 1825. He is the most popular dramatic author of Denmark, and his plays were all translated into German by Kannegiesser. He was director of the royal theatre in Copenhagen from 1849 to 1856, and afterward censor of the theatre. He published a complete edition of his poetical works (8 vols., 1845-7), and one of his prose writings (3 vols., 1841-'4). An edition of his complete works was brought out after his death (22 vols., Copenhagen, 1861-'3).