Johannes Scherr, a German author, born at Hohenrechberg, Würtemberg, Oct. 3, 1817. He graduated at Tübingen in 1840, and with his brother Thomas Ignaz, a prominent educator, conducted a school at Winterthur, Switzerland. After some years he established him-self in Stuttgart, but his republican sympathies compelled him in 1849 to take refuge in Switzerland. He first resided in Zürich, but returned to Winterthur in 1852, and resided there till 1860, when he became professor of history at the polytechnic institute in Zürich. His principal works are: Geschichte der deut-schen Literatur (2d ed., Leipsic, 1854); Geschichte der englischen Literatur (1854; 2d ed., revised and enlarged, 1874); Geschichte der Religion (3 vols., 1855-7); Allgemeine Geschichte der Literatur (4th ed., Stuttgart, 1872); Schiller und seine Zeit (3d ed., 1862); Geschichte der deutschen Frauenwelt (2 vols., 2d ed., 1865); Blücher, seine Zeit und sein Leben (3 vols., 2d ed., 1865); Studien (3 vols., 1865-'6); Hammerschläge und Historien (Zürich, 1871); Dämonen (Leipsic, 1872); and Goethe's Jugend: Die Frauenwelt geschildert (Leipsic, 1874).