Jonas Chickering, an American pianoforte manufacturer, born at New Ipswich, N. II., April 5, 1798, died in Boston, Dec. 8, 1853. He was put to the trade of a cabinetmaker, but early evinced great fondness for music, and successfully readjusted and tuned an old and disused piano which he found in the town. In 1818 he became a workman in Boston in a pianoforte manufactory, and five years later began the business for himself. He extended his resources by a partnership in 1830, but after the death of his partner in 1841 prosecuted the business alone with ample means. His establishment became one of the largest in the country, and he finished annually more than 1,500 instruments, and gave employment to about 500 operatives. His manufactory being burned one year before his death, at a loss of over $200,000, he constructed a new and much finer one. This building also was burned in May, 1873. Mr. Chickering was esteemed not only for his capacity in business, but also for his refinement and liberality.