Joshua Marshman, an English missionary, born at Westbury-Leigh, Wiltshire, in 1767, died in Serampore, India, Dec. 5, 1837. In 1799 he was sent out to Serampore by the Baptist missionary society. He applied himself to the study of Bengalee, Sanskrit, and Chinese, in 1826 visited England, and returned to India in 1829. His principal works are: a Chinese translation of the book of Genesis, the four Gospels, and the Epistles of Paul to the Bo-mans and Corinthians; a "Dissertation on the Characters and Sounds of the Chinese Language " (1809); "The Works of Confucius, containing the Original Text with a Translation "(1811); '-Clavis Sinica: Elements of Chinese Grammar," etc. (Serampore, 1814); and " A Defence of the Deity and Atonement of Jesus Christ" (London, 1822), in reply to a work of Rammohun Roy, discrediting the miracles of Christ. He assisted Dr. Carey in preparing a Sanskrit grammar and a Bengalee and English dictionary, and published an abridgment of the latter in 1827.