Josiah Gilbert Holland, an American author, born in Belchertown, Mass., July 24, 1819. Having studied medicine and practised for three years, and afterward edited a literary journal for a few months in Springfield, Mass., he passed a year in Vicksburg, Miss., as superintendent of public schools. In May, 1849, he became associate editor of the " Springfield Republican," and two years afterward one of the proprietors of that journal, in which connection he remained till 1866. Since 1870 he has been the conductor of "Scribner's Monthly" in New York. He has for many years been a public lecturer on social and literary topics, and has written many books, those of a didactic character under the nom de plume of " Timothy Titcomb." This series includes "Letters to the Young" (New York, 1858), "Gold Foil" (1859), "Lessons in Life" (1861), and "Letters to the Joneses" (1863). His other publications are : " History of Western Massachusetts" (2 vols., Springfield, 1855); "The Bay Path," a novel (New York, 1857); "Bitter-Sweet," a poem in dramatic form (1858); "Miss Gilbert's Career," an American story (1860); "Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects" (1865); "Life of Abraham Lincoln" (Springfield, 1865); "Kathrina," a poem (New York, 1868); "The Marble Prophecy and other Poems" (1872); and "Arthur Bonnicastle," a novel (1873). In 1873 a complete edition of his poems was published in New York, under the title of "Garnered Sheaves."