Jules Antoine Taschereau, a French author, born in Tours, Dec. 19, 1801, died in Paris, Nov. 11, 1874. He was one of the editors of the National, and for a short time after the revolution of July, 1830, he was secretary general of the prefect of Paris and a member of the council of state. Subsequently he became one of the editors of Historiettes de Tallemant des Beaux (6 vols., 1833-'4), and the founder of the Revue retrospective (20 vols., 1833-'7). From 1838 to 1842 he was a member of the chamber of deputies, and in 1848 he was returned to the constituent and subsequently to the legislative assembly. Early in 1852 he was placed in charge of the catalogue of the national library, of which he published many volumes (1855 et seq.), and he was director general of the library from 1858 to 1874. He edited the works of Moliere (8 vols., 1823-'4) and Boulflers (2 vols., 1827), and the literary correspondence of Grimm and Diderot (15 vols., 1829-'30), and wrote biographies of Moliere (1825) and Corneille (1829; new ed., 1857).