Julias Mosen, a German poet, born at Ma-rieney, Saxony, July 8,1803, died Oct. 10, 18G7. He was the son of a schoolmaster, and studied jurisprudence at Jena and Leipsic. After filling some inferior judicial stations in the provinces, he removed to Dresden, where he practised his profession, and established a reputation as a poetic and dramatic writer. In 1844 he was appointed dramatic writer to the court theatre in Oldenburg. Among his published poems are: Liedvom Bitter Wahn (1831); Ge-cliclite, including Andreas Hofer (1836); and Ahasier (1838). His principal tragedies are: Die Brdute von Florenz and Wendelin und Helena (1836); Kaiser Otto III. (1840); Bern-hard von Weimar (1855); and Der Sohn des Filrsten (1858). He wrote also the dramas and comedies Heinrich der Finkler (1836), Cola Rienzi (1836), Johann von Oesterreieli and Die Wette (1842); and several fanciful novels, the principal of which is Bilder im Moose (1846). His collected dramatic works were published in Stuttgart in 1862, and his complete works in 8 vols, in Oldenburg (1863-'4) and in Leipsic (1871).