Justin Edwards, an American clergyman, born in Westhampton, Mass., April 25, 1787, died at Virginia Springs, July 23, 1853. He graduated at Williams college in 1810, settled in the ministry at Andover in 1812, removed to the Salem street church, Boston, in 1828, and in 1829 resigned this charge to become secretary of the American temperance society, in the service of which he was engaged for seven years, delivering lectures and addresses, and preparing the "Temperance Documents." After this, he was for six years president of the Andover theological seminary. He wrote the "Sabbath Manual," and spent four years in preparing a brief commentary on all the New and part of the Old Testament, for the American tract society, before finishing which he died. He was the author of several valuable tracts, some of which have had a wide circulation. Of his " Temperance Manual " and of the different parts of his "Sabbath Manual" many hundred thousand copies have been printed. A memoir of his life and labors was published by the American tract society in 1855.