Keechies, a tribe of Indians, originally in Texas, apparently the same mentioned by Spanish authorities about 1780 as the Quitzeis, and then north of Bucareli. They were a small tribe numbering less than 100 men able to bear arms. In 1822 they were on Trinity river to the number of 261. After Texas became part of the United States, the Keechies and other Indians were placed on a state reservation, and remained there quietly till 1859, when organizations were formed to destroy the Indians oh the reservations. To save them the United States government removed them to lands leased from the Choctaws and Chickasaws. The Keechies settled on the Canadian river, and had just begun to prosper when the civil war broke out, and they were again exposed to their enemies, and removed to the Little Arkansas in great destitution. They were restored to the leased lands in 1867. In 1872 they were with the Wichitas on Washita river, near old Fort Cobb, to the number of 126. Their language shows that, like the Wichitas, they are of the same stock as the Pawnees.