Ladanum, Or Labdanum, a resinous exudation of various evergreen shrubs of the genus cis-tus, principally of the C. Creticus, found in the islands of the Grecian archipelago and the neighboring countries. The purer variety sometimes found in commerce is put up in bladders in masses of several pounds each. The substance readily softens and becomes adhesive in the hand. Externally it is dark red, almost black, and internally grayish. It diffuses an agreeable balsamic odor, and has a hitter and somewhat acrid taste. The common quality is very largely mixed with sand and other foreign matters; it is in spiral-shaped pieces of dark gray color, and hard and brittle. It contains only about 20 per cent. of resin, while in the purer quality 86 per cent. has been found; the other ingredients are gum and wax, with malate of lime, and in the common quality 72 Per cent. of foreign substances. Ladanum, like many other similar drugs, has fallen into disuse; it was formerly employed in fumigation, and as a stimulant expectorant, and also as an ingredient of plasters.