Louis Edouard Bouet-Willaumez, count de, a French naval officer, born near Toulon, April 24, 1808, died in Paris, Sept. 10,1871. He left the naval school in 1829 with the grade of ensign, became lieutenant in 1835, served in South America and at the bombardment of Moga-dore, and was employed in 1838 in surveying the W. coast of Africa. In 1844, having attained the rank of captain, he was appointed governor of Senegal, where he remained till 1847. During the Crimean war he served as rear admiral, after which he was maritime prefect successively of Cherbourg and Toulon, commanding the Mediterranean squadron, and was promoted to be vice admiral. In 1865 he was made senator; and in 1870 he commanded the French squadron in the Baltic. He published Description nautique des cotes comprises entre le Senegal et V'equateur (1849); Campagne aux cotes occidentales d'Afrique (1850); Batailles de terre et de mer (1855); and Tactique supplementaire a l'usage d'unejlotte cuirassee (1865).