Madame Celeste, an English dancer and actress, born in Paris, Aug. 10, 1814. Though of French parentage, and a pupil of the conservatory of the then royal academy of music, she has been connected from her earliest life with the English and American stage. In her 15th year she came to the United States, where she married Mr. Elliot; but her husband soon dying, she left for England, and in 1830 made her first appearance in Liverpool as Fenella in Masaniello. She soon became very popular, especially in London, as Matilda in the "French Spy." In 1834~'7 she again performed in the United States, where she acquired a considerable fortune. In 1837 she first appeared as an actress at Drury Lane and the Haymarket theatres, London, and in 1838-'40 in the United States. In 1843 she joined Mr. Webster in the management of a theatre at Liverpool, and in 1844 of the Adelphi in London; and subsequently she was the lessee of the Lyceum till about 1801, having revisited the United States in 1851-'3, where she appeared again in 1865, still displaying undiminished histrionic power.

Her most popular parts were Miami in the "Green Bushes," Miriam, and the Woman in Red. She returned to England in 1808, and retired from the stage Oct. 22, 1870.