Napoleone Elisa Bacciochi, a Bonaparte princess, cousin of Napoleon III., only daughter of Elisa, the eldest sister of Napoleon I., princess of Lucca and Piombino, and afterward grand duchess of Tuscany, and of Prince Felice Pas-quale Bacciochi, a Corsican nobleman (see Bonaparte), born in Italy, June 3, 1806, died in her chateau Kour-el-Ouet, Brittany, Feb. 3 or 4,1809. In 1825 she married Count Camerata, a wealthy landed proprietor of Ancona. Separating from him in 1830, she resided on her Illy-rian domain, engaged in lawsuits for inheritance against her uncles. She devised ineffectual plans for the escape from Schonbrunn of her cousin the duke of Reichstadt, in whose fate she took a profound interest. She spent the latter part of her life in France, and bequeathed the bulk of her fortune to the prince imperial, son of Napoleon III. - Her only son, Napoleone Camerata, killed himself March 3, 1853. Her nephew, Count Felice Bacciochi, horn in the early part of this century, died in Paris, Sept. 23, 1866. He inherited the large fortune of his grandfather, prince of Lucca and Piombino. He was the devoted friend and first chamberlain of Napoleon III., superintendent of the theatres of France, and shortly before his death was made a senator.