Nauhfim, a watering place of Hesse-Darm-stadt, Germany, 17 m. X. of Frankfort; pop. about 2,500. The salt works here are of great antiquity, hut baths were first established in 1834, and the number of visitors is now about 3,000 a year. A fountain bored in 1838 down to the bed of natural salt gave out in 1848, but a new one soon took its place. In Decem-ber, 1846. a slight shock of earthquake brought forth another fountain from a hole bored some years before. This affords water for the old and new hath houses, and produces annually 75,000 quintals of salt. A still more recent fountain, the Friedrieh-Wilhelm's Sprudel, discharges a column of water 12 in. in diameter from the top of a shaft 15 ft. high. These water-, used both for bathing and drinking, are efficacious in diseases of the skin and bowels. The Kurhaus is a line building surrounded by a park, Graming tables, which formerly existed, have been abolished. The mineral waters of Nauheim and vicinity are largely exported.