Pandora (Gr. Pandora 130032 , all, and Pandora 130033 , a gift), in Grecian legends, the first created woman. According to Hesiod, Jupiter, angry because Prometheus had stolen fire from heaven, ordered Vulcan to make a beautiful virgin, who was dressed by Minerva, adorned with fascinations by Venus and the Graces, and endowed with a deceitful mind by Mercury. She was brought to Epimetheus, who, disregarding the command of his brother not to accept from Jupiter any present whatever, received her while Prometheus was absent. When admitted among men, she opened a casket enclosing all the evils of mankind, and everything escaped except delusive hope. Another version of the story makes Pandora open a casket containing the winged blessings of the gods. In the Orphic poems, Pandora is ranked along with Hecate and the Erinnyes as an infernal divinity.