East Flanders, a province of Belgium, bounded N. by Holland, E. by the Scheldt (separating it from the province of Antwerp) and by South Brabant, S. by Hainaut, and W. by West Flanders; area, 1,158 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 837,726. It forms an extensive plain, drained by the Scheldt and its tributaries, which, being united by canals, afford ample water communication. Its soil is not of superior quality, but is industriously cultivated, and it gives excellent crops of flax, hemp, wheat, rye, colewort, hops, beets, potatoes, and other vegetables. Great numbers of cattle are raised. Manufactures are prosperous, and comprise linen, woollen, and cotton, and beet-root sugar. Capital, Ghent; other chief towns, Oudenarde, Dendermonde, Eecloo, Alost, and St. Nicholas.