Eduard Gerhard. a German archaeologist, born in Posen, Nov. 29, 1795, died May 12, 1867. Resigning a professorship at Breslau on account of weak eves, he travelled in Italy, and resided 15 years in Rome. He was engaged on Platner's Beschreibung der Stadt Rom, planned by Niebuhr, and then directed by Bunsen, for which he undertook to furnish a complete account of the sources of knowledge concerning ancient Roman topography, under the title of Script-ores de Regionibus Urbis. When in 1828 the crown prince of Prussia visited Italy, Gerhard accompanied him to Naples, and obtained his protection for the Instituto di corrispon-denza archeologica, founded at Rome, of which Gerhard was director until his return to Prussia in 1837. He was afterward appointed archaeologist of the royal museum at Berlin, professor in the university of that city, and member of the academy of sciences. Among his numerous writings are: Antike Bildwerke (Stuttgart, 1827-'44, with 140 copperplate illustrations); Auserlesene Griechische Vasen-bilder (4 vols., Berlin, 1839-'58, with 330 plates); Griechische und Etruskische Trink-schalen(1840); Etruskische und Campanische Vasenbilder (1843); Trinkschalen and Gefasse (2 parts, 1848-'50); and Ueber die Hermen-bilder auf Griechischen Vasen (1856).