Fletcher. I. Giles, an English poet, cousin of Fletcher the dramatist, born about 1580, died at Alderton, Suffolk, in 1623. He was educated at Trinity college, Cambridge, and became rector of Alderton, where his life passed with little variety of incident. The single poem which he left, entitled "Christ's Victory and Triumph" (Cambridge, 1610), has peculiar and original beauties, with many of Spenser's characteristics.

II. Phineas, a poet and clergyman, brother of the preceding, born about 1584, died at Hilgay, Norfolk, about 1650. After being educated at Eton and Cambridge, he was presented in 1621 to the living of Hilgay, which he retained till his death. He wrote "Piscatory Eclogues" and a drama called "Sicelides," but his chief work is a poem entitled "The Purple Island" (Cambridge, 1633), an anatomical and allegorical description of the human body and mind. The poem is given entire in Southey's "Early English Poets." These brothers were disciples of Spenser, and influenced the style of Milton.